Founded in 1994, Baroncelli (previously known as Mediterraneo) specializes in creating contemporary Murano glass pieces for both residential and commercial use. As a boutique family-run company, Baroncelli works closely with their clients to ensure each product is always made to order, bold, and inspiring. Modern IDENTITY was invited to rename and rebrand the company, as well as redesign their core communication tools.


We first renamed the company as Baroncelli using the family name of the owner – Rinda Baroncelli. The true voice of the Baroncelli brand surfaced as we worked with their team to identify the core values of their business, their process, and their customers. The final design of the Baroncelli logo, the website, and other communication tools took cues from our research results and brand value exercise.


The rebranding of Baroncelli is openly welcomed by their clients, peers, and the public at large. Shortly after the launch of the new brand Baroncelli, they were awarded "Best Contemporary Product Award" at the 2011 Decorex Competition.

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