SSP Website launch

Late last year we were approached by Student Sponsor Partners (SSP) to redesign their website. SSP is an amazing non-profit organization in New York which changes underserved students’ lives by offering full scholarships to partnering private High Schools along one-to-one mentoring.

Partnering with Constellation we ended up working closely with their Executive Director and members of the Board of Directors to not only to redesign their website but to help them rethink their brand positioning and marketing plan. The new SSP website launched on July 20th

2011 SummerStage Zoom Media

Part of the 2011 SummerStage advertising campaign this year included a print and motion ad for Zoom Media. As far as we can tell, Zoom Media specializes in placing ads in gyms and right about urinals in bar bathrooms all over the city. The wide reach of the advertising placement ads to the great success of the SummerStage festival. Check out your local bar bathroom…you might be a lucky winner of some SummerStage advertising.

SummerStage 2011

We’re thrilled to be invited back by City Parks Foundation to design for another season of SummerStage, the quintessential NYC free performing arts festival.

The Boombox Project on CBS News

Lyle Owerko’s Boombox Project was featured in the CBS Sunday morning news.

Culture Portfolio

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