Founder and Director – Art and Content

A dynamic creative director, designer and strategist, Jeff transforms ideas into communications that connect with emotion, depth and immediacy. With training in design, a background in architecture, and a distinguished career in advertising, he offers a unique breadth of insight and expertise in visual branding, gallery exhibitions, product development, and publishing in addition to his award-winning print and editorial work.

Throughout his career, Jeff has been instrumental in bringing style into advertising and content into design. His agency history covers stints at Ogilvy & Mather NY; Arnell Group; Young & Rubicam; Merkley Newman Harty (as a founding team-member); FCB Draft; J Walter Thompson; Wells Rich Greene; Doremus Advertising; and Masius NY (as a founder). Jeff’s clients have run the gamut from the American Express Green Card to the World Health Organization.

Collaborations with visionaries, innovators, and influencers provide key inspirations to Jeff’s work, some resulting in historic campaigns and projects. His longtime association with photographer Annie Leibovitz has yielded, among other successes, the design of two of the best-selling photography books of all time. Many of Jeff’s professional partnerships are longstanding, characterized by a working process driven by mutual respect, integrity, and results.


Digital Development

Coasting along the cutting edge of technology, Tommy provides a deep understanding of the most current technological processes that drive communications media. He is motivated by a sincere desire to produce innovative vehicles that entertain and engage while educating viewers. Trained in audio/video recording with a concentration in digital media, he possesses the solid programming skills required to harness the technologies that power our media solutions. Along his career, Tommy has developed interactive projects and/or videos for Chase, Chevron, Crawford & Company, Doremus, Eli Lilly, and Sirius Satellite Radio. He has also developed websites for a wide variety of clients and subjects, including alternative-energy company Ener1, Inc. and EMI Publishing.